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Little red

IPA Productions

La Roca del Vallès: 24 d’abril
Llinars del Vallès: 26 d’abril

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One morning Mrs. Riding Hood prepares breakfast for her daughter, Little Red, before she goes to school. Little Red doesn't like breakfast. She also doesn't like school. She decides to go shopping and visit her Granny. Before she gets to Granny's house, she meets a wolf in the forest. The wolf is very hungry. But this is not his biggest problem. Little Red doesn't like wolves, either...

Practical info

Percent in English: 100%
Language level: Beginner
Teaching content:
Verbs: be, have, like in afirmative, negative and interrogative. Vocabulary: food,
parts of the body, feelings.
Functional language: express preferences, tell time, ask for things.