Activitats en anglès

Treasure Island

IPA Productions

21 de març
22 i 23 de maig
La Llagosta:
22 de març
Les Franqueses del Vallès: 23 d’abril
Llinars del Vallès: 29 de maig
Montornès del Vallès:
12 de març
Sant Celoni: 28 de gener
Sant Feliu de Guíxols: 19 de març

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One day Jim decides to search for buried treasure, but begins to worry when he realises that the ship he's hired belongs to the infamous Long John Silver. When he gets to the island, Jim tries to avoid the angry Silver while following the clues he finds along the way in hopes of finding his fortune.

Fitxa artística

Technique: interactive theatre
Percent in english: 100%
Language level: pre-intermediate
Teaching content: vocabulary of ships and pirates. Adverbs of direction. Functional language: making promises and expressing certainty.
Teaching material: a variety of activities of various levels is available to download on our webpage. In addition, we send you a CD of all the songs, listening activities and scene extracts.